JSD AAT Accreditations and industry memberships

At JSD Air and Acoustic Testing we believe that the only way that our customers will be satisfied with the services that we provide is to create and maintain high quality standards. To achieve this we train our staff to such a level of competency that there is very little risk of error. We also maintain current accreditations within the air leakage testing, sound testing and thermal imaging industries.

The Air Test equipment that we use is manufactured by RETROTEC and regularly calibrated by UKAS accredited calibration laboratories including BSRIA.

For Sound Insulation Testing, we use 'NORSONICS' testing equipment, which is calibrated by Salford University again to UKAS standards.

Accreditations for air and acoustic testing

JSD AAT is proud to hold accreditation from UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) our testing laboratory No. 4148, we are UKAS accredited for air leakage and acoustic testing, and are the only company in Norfolk with this Accreditation and have held this since Feb 2008. This ensures the robustness of not only our management and procedures but also our testing procedures and equipment as UKAS check everything once a year.

The JSD testing accreditation schedule covers:

  • Buildings air leakage testing for demonstrating compliance with current Building Regulaton Part L
  • Field measurements of airborne & impact sound insulation including pre-completion testing for current Building Regulations, demonstrating compliance with Part E

To view our full UKAS schedule, click on the link below:

Our engineers are registered on the Competent Person Scheme to TSL1 and TSL2, which mean we can test domestic dwellings as well as commercial buildings.

We are also qualified to conduct testing for EcoHomes credits - for more information call us on 01366 387354.

Our accreditations and certificates are available on request

Memberships of industry institutes

As a reputable company, we appreciate the benefits of membership with relevant industry institutes. They are an important source of information regarding up-to-date knowledge within their industry.

JSD are members of the British Standards Institute (BSi) to ensure that the standards that we work to are always the latest publication. We are Associate Members of Bindt, as well as being members of ATTMA (Air Tightness Testing Measurement Association) there are only 16 members in the country and you have to be UKAS Accredited to apply.

For thermal imaging we are members of UKTA (United Kingdom Thermography Association), this membership keeps us up to date with the latest news, training, standards and publications within the thermography industry.

We are subscribing members of BSI, this ensures that we are up to date with current British Standards as part of the global movement to improve standards within our industries.

We are members of BMTA (British Measurement and Testing Association), which provides information on the latest methods of measurements, and promotes educations and training in the fields of measurement and testing.