Energy Performance Certificate - EPC rating

JSD AAT is accredited to assess properties for EPCs (Energy Performance Certificates), these were created by the EU as part of a scheme to improve the energy efficiency of properties, and reduce the environmental impact. The government requires EPCs whenever a property is, built, sold or rented. Properties will receive a rating from A-G, with a list of recommendations on improvements.

What is included in an EPC

Energy Performance Certificates show information about the amount of energy a property will use, the typical energy costs to maintain a set standard of living, and recommendations on how energy levels could be reduced and money saved. The assessment is split into four sections:

  • The performance and environmental impact of the property
  • Estimated energy use (based on standard assumptions)
  • Summary of energy performance features
  • Recommendations for improved energy efficiency

The EPC assessment causes very little disruption to your home and we aim to complete it as soon as possible, we produce EPCs for home owners, builders, estate agents and solicitors.

To book for an EPC please contact us or request an EPC quotation.