Noise at Work Surveys and Environmental Noise Assessments

JSD Air and Acoustic Testing are qualified and accredited to undertake Noise at Work Surveys and environmental noise assessments. In 2005 the Control of Noise at Work Regulations came into force to ensure that workers’ hearing is protected from excessive noise in the workplace. Employers must provide hearing protection for employees once the level of noise is 85 decibels and must assess the risk to employee’s health once the noise is over 80 decibels.

Does my workplace required a noise assessment?

Whether a workplace requires a noise assessment is dependent on how loud the noise in the workplace is and for how long employees are exposed to the noise. If any of the following apply it is likely you will require a noise assessment:

  • Noise caused by impact such as, hammering, pneumatic impact tools or explosive sources
  • Noisy industry work environments, for example: construction, demolition, road repairs, engineering, or fabrications
  • Employees use noisy power tools for more than 30 minutes of the working day
  • If it is difficult to have a conversation when over 2m apart

JSD are also able to undertake noise surveys and assessments for PPG24 and BS4142 purposes. For more information on these standards please click the link below:

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