About PPG24 Noise Assessments & Noise Surveys

Planning policy guidance (PPG24) notes set out the Government policies on different aspects of planning. It is regularly used by Local Authorities in order to place noise based planning conditions on potentially noisy residential sites. If required, property developers have noise surveys carried out in order to show that on-site noise levels are compliant with this document for the planning application to be accepted.

PPG24 Noise Assessments and PPG24 Noise surveys are for planning applications of both small and large developments. More often than not it’s in relation to new build apartments, houses, or hotels.

How is an area tested under PPG24

JSD Air and Acoustic Testing will undertake a 24 hour (longer may be required) noise test in order to determine the Noise Exposure Category (NEC) that the proposed property would fall into (A, B, C or D), this includes noise from road traffic, rail, air or mechanical/commercial noise that is unacceptable.

PPG24 requires a noise survey to be conducted at the planning stage to assess the overall suitability of the site's noise climate for residential development. With it comes the possibility of noise control measures being necessary as part of the planning conditions.

If you have any enquiries relating to PPG24 assessments please contact JSD AAT to speak to one of our trained engineers.