Ventilation Testing

At JSD we provide a cost effective ventilation testing service which can be carried out at the same time as air leakage and sound insulation testing to minimise site disruption and also meaning clients only have to deal with one company for all pre completion testing requirements.

What is Part F Ventilation Testing

Part F of the Building Regulations 2010 introduced the requirement to test and record actual performance of ventilation in new dwellings against design. This requires testing of airflow measurements of every dwelling constructed under this edition of the Building Regulations as well a checking that the system has been installed and set up correctly.

Requirements before ventilation testing can be undertaken

In order to ascertain correct Ventilation Rates before our visit to site we will require:

  • Ventilation Type
  • Ventilation Diagram and plans
  • Make and Model of Ventilation System or Extractor Fans
  • Design Air Flow Rate Of Extractor Fans

What types of extraction fans require ventilation testing?

Ventilation tests are required on System 1 (background ventilators and intermittent extracts fans) System 3 (continuous mechanical extract) and mainly System 4 (continuous mechanical supply and extract with heat recovery). All of our tests are conducted by engineers who have completed the BPEC Domestic Ventilation course and using fully UKAS calibrated equipment.