SAP Assessments

JSD Air & Acoustic testing (Buildings) Ltd offer SAP assessments that determine the TER (Target CO2 Emissions Rate) on your dwelling design including purpose built, refurbished properties and those formed by material change of use. SAP (Standard Assessment Procedure) is the method used by the Department of Energy and Climate Change to assess and compare the energy efficiency of residential dwellings. SAP is used to ensure delivery of a number of government energy and environmental initiatives.

How SAP Assessments work

SAP is listed under Part L of the Building Regulations, it assesses how much energy a property will use and how much CO2 will be released, based on standardised living conditions so that it is easy to compare homes against each other.

Based on estimates of annual energy consumption for the provision of space heating, domestic hot water, lighting and ventilation, SAP quantifies a dwelling’s performance in terms of the energy use per unit floor area, a fuel-cost-based energy efficiency rating (the SAP rating) and emissions of CO2.

JSD AAT keep updated with the changes in SAP Assessments for new and existing dwellings, speak to us for more information on getting a property assessed.